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you can learn all the negotiating secrets for a fraction of the price of our VIP coaching programs, and you'll still have access to coaching if you need more help.

"I've trained Corporate and Agency Recruiters on how to negotiate with you for 30 years.

I'll teach you what to say

and how to say it,

to get the best possible salary package.

Easily. Safely."

A Proven Method of Collaborative, Low-Stress Compensation Negotiation

Our Founder, John Gates, has trained Recruiters on how to negotiate with you for 30 years. Now he's bringing those secrets to your side of the table.


Years Experience in Corporate Recruiting

John understands the politics, the decisions, and the hidden flexibility in most job offers, and how to safely position for more.


Job Offers as a Corporate Recruiting Leader

John routinely saw experienced candidates leaving big money on the table. 70% of offers could have gotten more, but didn't.

10% +

Average Improvement in Salary Package for Coaching Clients

Learn how to improve your offer without risking the offer you worked hard for.

What is the Salary Coach Academy?

The Salary Coach Academy an affordable subscription with instant access to

proven negotiating secrets.

It's a rich and growing library where you can learn what to say, and how to say it,

at every step of the recruiting process. You'll learn how to:

Audit & Assurance

Get Your Phone Ringing

You'll learn how to answer the "Salary Requirement" questions in applications in a way that gets you into more phone screens without painting yourself into a corner.

Audit & Assurance

Build Value in Interviews

You'll learn how to differentiate yourself in interviews as a high-value candidate, improving your chances for a first-place finish and a maximized offer.

Audit & Assurance

Negotiate in Phone Screens

Recruiters will pressure you for a salary number before you've even interviewed. You'll learn how to avoid this trap easily and upgrade your offer later.

Audit & Assurance

Negotiate at Offer Stage

You'll learn how to identify when there is room for negotiation, how to get a signing bonus included, and how to effectively close with the best offer they'd be willing to give.

Our Results

Whether you're a Coaching Client or an Academy Member, our process gets results.

Check out what some of our Clients have to say:

Marketing Executive

Following John's advice, I got an increase in the base salary and 100% increase in the equity offer!

A.G. - E-Commerce Company

Purchasing Manager

The hiring managers appreciated the approach taught to me by John. They even thanked me for the honest, clear, and direct approach!

D.K. - Manufacturing Company

HR Director

I got a greatly improved offer from company #1, including a signing bonus of $15K and a base salary increase of more than 15%!

G.G. - Large Financial Services Company

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